Looking for more information?

Looking for more information?

Power Minerals Ltd. have developed extensive resources associated with ash products, their benefits and the processes for utilisation. We actively promote collaborative development through the full support of our industry trade associations. Power Minerals Ltd. are founding members of the UK Quality Ash Association (UKQAA) and the European Coal Combustion Products Association (ECOBA).

Through our collaborative work with industry we have developed empirical guidance and data sheets that are available directly from the UKQAA website for the use of ashes in a wide variety of applications.

Source Specific Product Declarations of Performance (DoP) and CE Mark.

The Construction Products Regulations stipulate that where a relevant harmonised European Product Standard exists covering an application then the product must be CE marked and supplied with an accompanying DoP. The CE mark and DoP document will normally be sent to accompany your commercial documentation, or affixed to the packaging/ delivery documentation where possible. For a copy of the current source specific CE mark and DoP documentation please contact us and we will send them electronically via email.

Source Specific REACh Safety Data Sheets.

All ash producers within the EU and importers into the EU are subject to the REACh regulation. Whilst ashes are non-hazardous according to REACh and do not legally require a REACh Safety Data Sheet, all of our UK sources have prepared Substance Information Sheets (SIS); documents showing their REACh registration details along with safety and environmental considerations to follow. For a current copy of the source specific SIS please contact us and we will send it electronically via email.

Where your application is not covered by a relevant standard then we are happy to work with you to assess the viability of selected ash sources for your product or process and develop a bespoke specification.

Quality Protocol for Bound and Grouting Applications

In England and Wales bound and grouting applications are covered by a Quality Protocol (QP), the scope of the protocol covers PFA and FBA used as an ingredient/component within a product and is fully bound within that product. The end user also has an obligation to use the material in accordance with good practice found in Appendix C of the QP

The designated applications are:

  • Type I addition in concrete, e.g. as filler or lightweight filler aggregate.
  • Type II addition in concrete, e.g. cementitious component in concrete.
  • Cement manufacture, e.g. added as a raw material into kiln feed or added to Portland cement.
  • Ceramic tiles and brick-making.
  • Paints, plastics, rubber and similar.
  • Lightweight filler in bitumen-bound materials, e.g. foamed bitumen or asphalt.
  • Hydraulically bound mixtures in pavement construction, e.g. capping, sub-base and road base, and ground stabilisation.
  • Grouting, uses where the ash combined with lime or cement and is hydraulically pumped or injected into the ground to fill void space for geotechnical stabilisation.
  • FBA as Lightweight aggregate in concrete, e.g. block manufacture.

Unbound Applications; Regulatory Position

Despite a long history of PFA and FBA being utilised in unbound applications, such as engineering fill in embankments, bridge abutments, reinforced walls, raising levels or for FBA use in surface dressings and horse ménages etc., the Environment Agency failed to reach a position whereby these applications could be covered by a QP. There is, however, a Regulatory Position Statement that allows the use of PFA and FBA without an environmental permit whereby certain criteria are met. Please review RPS 172 the PDF below to see if your site meets this criteria. Please contact us if you need further information prior evaluating the suitability of PFA or FBA in your application.



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